New Print Edition at Highpoint

I had the pleasure of working with Highpoint over recent months to produce some new work.

"Highpoint Editions is thrilled to announce the publication of a powerful new print edition by Minnesota-based indigenous artist Julie Buffalohead. The print, titled Tone Deaf, is produced in an edition of 15 impressions, using lithography, screenprinting and collage. With this print, Buffalohead continues the thematic bent of much of her work, depicting American Indian experience through personal metaphor and narrative, drawing from traditional stories and contextualizing motifs of cultural identity."

"This piece stems from recent events, specifically the Covid pandemic and the politicization of the epidemic. The two coyote figures exist in a suspended space in which they are mirroring each other, sentient and vulnerable. They are representative of groups that are polarized in the United States, who are validating their own world views inside a narrow vacuum..."


Read more at Highpoint:

Tone Deaf is available now at Highpoint Center for Printmaking. For purchase inquiries please contact Gallery Director Sara Tonko at